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Currently at the Kinjo Mahogany location

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01. Japanese Street Food

* WARNING * Not available at Kinjo Macleod location

02. Sushi

Individual pieces of fish, seafood, vegetables, and meat, thinly sliced and served on top of a small bed of pressed rice.

05. Maki (Sushi Rolls)

Kinjo's maki consists of rolls wrapped in nori (toasted seaweed paper) and inside-out rolls wrapped in rice.

06. Special Maki (Sushi Rolls)

Special maki rolls are designed by Kinjo's master sushi chefs. The rolls combine unique flavour from both traditional and modern Japanese Dishes!

07. Grill

These teppan items are grilled in an authentic Japanese-style. Sometimes referred to as “Japanese barbeque,”

08. Deep Fried ( Tempura )

Kinjo's light tempura batter is made in-house, using an authentic Japanese recipe. Each tempura item is battered, then deep fried until golden.

09. Combo & Platters

Are more than a few people eating with you? Why not make things easy and order a party platter or two!